3 Convincing (But Not Quite Real) Impressions Towards RankBrain You’re Probably Guilty Of

SEO in SydneyWhenever Google announces something new—be it a service, an algorithm update or a ranking factor—all SEO experts in Sydney (as well as digital marketers the world over) hold their breath. There’s no one to blame; a single statement is enough to change their entire process of SEO and take everyone back to the drawing board.

Every SEO remembers that exact feeling when RankBrain was officially made public. It was October last year, and nobody can blame anyone to have lost his or her marbles when it was introduced as an artificial intelligence capable of machine learning. Discovering about such a sophisticated piece of technology, your gut feeling probably told you it’s trouble.

You Thought It’s the New Hummingbird

Fortunately, it’s not; but rather it’s the latest component of the search giant’s intelligent algorithm. As the Hummingbird aims to extract meaning behind queries, the RankBrain’s task is to aid the algorithm in finding the most relevant pages for ambiguous, long-tail keywords.

Over time, as it tries to study the behavioural search trends and continually update itself, the Search might deliver better result regardless of how poorly worded the query may be.

You Thought It’s the Next-Generation PageRank

Since PageRank seemingly lost most of its relevance in the organic rankings with its outdated data, there’s no surprise if someone would initially think that RankBrain is its successor.

But the truth is, the two are completely different and among the many factors, Google uses to rank pages in the Search. In fact, this AI is billed as the third most important ranking factor—which is a rare revelation from the tech behemoth.

You Thought a Major SERPs Shakeup Would Ensue

Regardless of what Google rolls or announces to the world, it’s only natural for the industry to expect the worst.

In the case of RankBrain, nothing has really changed that much in terms of rankings. Not that it only covers a relatively small percentage of queries, but its objective isn’t to alter how quality or link building is being assessed to turn the Internet upside down.

After nearly four months since its released, it’s safe to say now that RainBrain isn’t something to be scared of. According to the experts from Mashmedia.com.au, as long as you know you’re complying with what Google wants, you shouldn’t have any cause for concern at all.