3 Hottest Trends in Web Typography You Should Tap

Website Font in Salt Lake CityEngaging your users online doesn’t stop with building a website. With constant updates on the web design world, it is necessary to keep up with the trends to stay on top of the competition. Of course, who would want to stay long on a website with an outdated design?

Users today have a shorter attention span.They would quickly click away once their needs are not satisfied by your website. So, how can you improve your website’s initial impression on users? Start with web typography.

Here are the hottest trends you should know about web typography:

1. Decorative Type

While most designers despise the decorative fonts, others leverage them in brilliant and creative ways. Some designers use this typeface in combination with bold types for emphasis, while others just find a way to uniquely utilize the decorative font on a website. As long as the decorative type doesn’t appear too quirky or overly stylized, they are effective in catching the attention of users.

2. Slab Serifs

Using slab serifs is not entirely a new idea but these types are trending right now! No wonder slab serifs are one of the go-to typefaces of web designers in Salt Lake City. Well, you can’t blame designers for falling in love deeply with these fonts. For one, these types evoke a sense of reliability and authority. In addition, they could be big and bold — a classic style that works on any page.

3. Scripts

Previously, you’ll only see scripts on wedding invitations. But in recent years, these fonts have become popular in web design. The scripts have organic qualities that appeal to most users. However, you should never stereotype these types! They are versatile; they work for playful and fun tones, but they can add luxury to your web page, as well.

With these three hottest trends in web typography, you can achieve a refreshed look for your website. Just remember to hire professional designers to do the job for you, as they know how to use these types to their fullest potential.