3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Longspan Racking for Efficient Storage

Longspan Racking SystemFinding the right storage solutions for your warehouse could be challenging, especially with the many diverse products in the market that promise to deliver profitability and efficiency. One system that has proved reliable over time, however, is heavy-duty longspan racking.


Longspan shelving attracts numerous applications for clear spans. In storing wide and heavy loads, it has capabilities that a standard pallet system cannot meet. This high level of flexibility and superior strength that longspan shelving has come from H-beams. With these, you can have a 40-feet span without the shelving system losing load capacity. Such resiliency allows you to handle and store oversized and bulky loads of any shape without having to worry whether the shelving system will cave in from the weight.

Maximising storage space

These systems also accommodate extra-wide pallets with ease and drive-in storage for safe loading and off-loading. With the right set of a properly-installed longspan shelving, you can unlock your workshop or warehouse’s storage potential to maximise every inch of usable space.

Lightweight yet strong

High-quality longspan shelving is typically made of 24-gauge tensile steel, which is both lightweight and sturdy. These features make storage and shelving systems not only easy to move around, but also strong to hold extra-heavy items.

Longspan racking is one of the most efficient and profitable storage solutions you can have for your warehouse or workshop. For one, this kind of shelving is endlessly customisable to give you easy access to even dangerous goods in the safest way possible, either when removing or placing items on the racks.

Seek the guidance of any trusted manufacturer who offers quality and innovative storage products, especially those whose focus is on meeting the unique storage needs of their clients.