3 Signs You Need a Washroom Refurbishment

washroomWhen building owners are planning for commercial space refurbishments, restrooms are among the areas that go unnoticed. Since they play a critical role in the comfort of your employees and your visitors, these rooms deserve a refurbishment as well.

How, though, will you know when your washroom area needs refurbishing? As a commercial WC and restroom solutions provider advises, the following are signs that will tell you it is time you refurbished your washroom:

Cracked Sanitary ware

Most of the washroom sanitary ware cracks over time due to prolonged use. They could also experience discolouration from inappropriate cleaning and dripping water in the room.

If your sanitary ware has discoloured or developed cracks, it is a sign that they have served you enough, thus deserving a replacement; new sanitary ware will make your washroom look new and bright.

Old Colour

A colour scheme that was the trend a while ago may not apply in today’s modern spaces. As you change your office interior design over time, so should you do the same on the colour schemes for washroom areas.

Delaminating Panels

Laminate panels serve the purpose of holding the plumbing fixtures in the washroom area, and once delaminating begins, it is difficult to repair that you could need replacing the panels.

Due to the high moisture content in the washrooms, the coatings on these panels can start to chip off and reveal the pipes. Not only is this unsightly, but also it might make your washroom unhygienic.

If you can spot any of these signs in your washrooms, it is a clear indication that it is time you engaged and planned for a refurbishment project. By that, you will not only improve the state of your washrooms but also improve your business image on your clients.