3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions

Landing PageWhen marketing budgets are tight and the competition is high, you need more value for your bucks quickly and effectively. You require a good return on investment and easily measurable consumer actions. Landing pages are your first opportunity to impress customers. Whatever you do will make or break your chances of getting more customers.

The top 10 AdWords marketers boast of a conversion of 11.45% and reaching the same is not completely out of your league. All you need is to understand how search engine marketing works. Here are some suggestions to boost your landing page conversions.

Keep it Persuasive

You can write an encyclopaedia about a specific topic to flaunt your knowledge expertise, but if it cannot convince customers about how your products or services can help them, then it is useless. People look for benefits and not mere features.

People want to know how certain products and services can benefit them. Tell them why they cannot do without your products. Offer them a powerful value proposition they cannot resist. Talk to them about what they will be missing. Use emotions like fear and hope generously while drafting these pages. Appeal to them with a mix of psychology and rational thinking and they will be sold.

Landing Pages Should be Focused  

You are well aware of who are going to turn up on your landing pages through PPC, search engines or other methods. You know what exactly they have been looking for to land up on your virtual doorstep. Keep them on the buying track by leading them coherently. Retain the continuity and natural flow of the message.

Avoid any inconsistencies that can come in the way of the purchase cycle. For instance, if you have led your customer to the page with a Louis Vuitton bag, taking them to generic handbags page can disappoint them. They came with something specific in mind, give them that.

Avoid Incorrect Results

Always keep your landing page performance good—or better yet, overperform. People make typo errors while placing scripts or forget to place the scripts on their page altogether. These small glitches can completely mislead you about the user action and engagement metrics, and you will end up making decisions based on inaccurate results and affect your conversions.

Your landing pages are the key that leads customers to unlock information about your wonderful products and services. They should be highly persuasive, focused and offer accurate user action results.