3 Ways to Thoroughly Measure How Well Your SEO Is Doing Internationally

SEO in Australia SEO is a very comprehensive industry that involves many factors. That’s why you have to educate yourself and work with an SEO expert to fully understand it and ultimately drive more revenue to your site. One thing you must learn is how to measure your current SEO rankings. This way, you can improve campaigns that work and fix or stop those that don’t. Here are a few ways to check that.

VPN or Proxy Web Access

Subscribing to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or enterprise proxy is another way to see how well your SEO is doing. You’ll have access to multiple IP addresses in different countries. Then, you’ll run a proxy that will put all the traffic behind your proxy IP.

You can then run automated ranking software like Authority Labs or Rank Tracker. If you’re unsure how this works, Bambrick Media suggests getting expert SEO services in Brisbane to do this right.

AdWords Preview Tool

Although AdWords focuses on allowing you to see in which queries your ads are appearing, you can also check your SEO here. It provides details such as country of origin, targeted city, and Google TLD. For example, you can see how your website is doing on Google.co.uk and Google.ca. This is perfect for global brands or those offering their products and services in multiple countries.

Proxy Search via Browser

Google Chrome and Firefox both allow FoxyProxy, a proxy plugin, for free public use. For a fee, you can gain exclusive access to various proxies that aren’t blacklisted by Google. You can then use this incognito to check your current SEO rankings. Once you check the rankings manually, Google should send you the Google TLD for your country.

Measuring your global SEO rankings may be hard at first, but with dedication and expert help, you can figure it out in no time. This will make you more effective in coming up with better campaigns in the future.