4 ‘Magic Words’ That Instantly Establish Blog Trustworthiness

quality blogEvery blog post is written with this end in mind: gain the reader’s trust. Building a sense of trust is the first and most critical stage of the buyer’s journey. Look at your blogs. Do they carry an air of trust? Would you yourself trust your brand after skimming through a single post?

If you want to be effective in establishing credibility in the eyes of your readers, your search engine marketing and content development services provider must be able to capitalize on the power of words. Recent studies show that there are specific words and phrases that, when used properly in blogs, will increase the brand’s trustworthiness.

Include the following ‘magic words’ in your article to earn the trust of your readers:

1. Trust

The actual word ‘trust’ enhances trust. It is important that not just to let the readers feel the sense of trust, but also explicitly express that they can put their confidence in you. Show and tell trust. You may include phrases like, “trust us”, “trust the research”, “trust the benefits of this product”, and other variations of the same.

2. Caring

Someone once said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. More than information and knowledge, your readers, however passive some may be, want to feel that they are respected, appreciated, and valued. The word ‘caring’ can humanise your posts and improve the sense of trust.

3. Fair treatment

Experts say that ‘fair treatment’ increases trust factor by 20%. The word emphasises the importance of readers. With this phrase in your copy, you are directly communicating that your brand prioritises creating a good user experience.

4. Always

The word ‘always’ triggers the sense of security, confidence, consistency and proactivity. When you assure readers that you are ‘always’ doing something, they will trust you more. Isn’t it so pleasing for readers to see “always the lowest price”, “always free for consultation”, “at your service always”?

Be strategic in the use of these words to achieve full impact. Include them at the end of your article or scatter them throughout. With these magic words, you’ll be able to nail that blog post and earn the trust of your readers.