4 Reasons Being Customer-Centric is Better

Customer care strategy on laptopSales and marketing efforts today have changed. Businesses used to focus all their efforts on their product and how to sell it to as many individuals as possible without considering customer demographics or interests. Today, customer centricity has become the key to success of many retail businesses. As The Friedman Group explains, sales training for retail should teach principles that are customer-centric. Here are four good reasons why.

It helps you keep up with the digital age.

With 96 percent of Americans shopping online today, establishing an online presence is critical to your sales success. And there’s no better way to boost sales than to be where your customers are.

It’s more cost-efficient than acquiring new customers.

It’s a proven fact that it takes more money to acquire new customers than to upsell to an already loyal and regular customer. The cost of new marketing and advertising efforts and materials would have better returns if it were spent on improving your products or expanding your business based on what your current customers want.

It helps you grow through feedback.

Customer reviews are now a thing. It shows them that you’re ready and willing to listen to their comments or suggestions. Whenever you get feedback, make sure to acknowledge it and address any concern immediately.

It shows care and sincerity for your customers.

When you make the customer the center of your business, all your efforts will be based on wanting to help them and addressing a problem that they have. This shows care and sincerity—the top two things that’ll make your customers love you more and stay loyal to your brand.

Most consumers today prefer to connect with the people they do businesses with instead of just making the purchase and forgetting about it after. If you’re not doing this yet, it’s never too late to make a few changes.