4 Skills You Need For a Career in Finance

Hand and a puzzleA career in finance demands a lot more than straight A’s in school and distinctions in professional exams. Recruiters look for some skills along with the academic qualifications.

Even with 65% of recruiters citing talent shortage as their biggest challenge in hiring, certain skills remain important to finance recruitment agencies in London and other parts of the globe. Meanwhile, professionals regard finance as a stable industry to work in.

So, what exactly are finance recruiters looking for? Read on to find out.

Formal Accounting Qualification

A survey revealed that 49% of all employers expect formal qualifications from the relevant and recognised accounting bodies. This is no surprise, as the operations of the finance industry are rigidly circumscribed by rules, processes and industry best practices.

Information Technology Skills

According to industry experts, IT skills are among the most sought-after skills today. According to a survey of recruiters, 29% of the respondents would employ a candidate who possesses IT skills and is proficient in the use of standard accounting software.

Analytical Skills

Lateral thinking and ability to grasp situations and provide suitable solutions is a sought-after skill among leaders in the finance industry. Recruiters tend to consider the ability of the applicant to assimilate a large amount of data and put them to profitable use.

Interpersonal Skills

Getting the necessary information from people will demand great interpersonal skills. Building and managing teams of various sizes also require this skill. You need to be good at communicating and working with other people. In other words, you should be a team player and a leader.

While the finance industry remains attractive to many job seekers, the talent shortage presents a challenge for most employers. The sector provides many opportunities for qualified applicants with the right skillset.