6 Vendors Every Wedding Organizer Needs

Wedding organizers are responsible for perfecting a romantic story. The task may be daunting, especially for newcomers, but with preparation and a reliable list of vendors, one can turn a simple gathering into a one-of-a-kind wedding. Below are six vendors to keep in touch with.

Food Caterers

As a wedding organizer, it is your job to provide a list of food caterers, which clients can choose according to their liking. Work with caterers that can offer an array of menu items, including basic, themed, and ethnic dining experiences.

Wine Sommelier

After the food comes the wine. Even if a caterer can fulfill the bar requirements of a wedding, you still need a wine expert that can educate your client and accomplish their needs. Directly work with a sommelier or a trusted wine shop from your community.


Great floral arrangements are essential in every wedding. Apart from adding color and sophistication, flowers make weddings more romantic as well. Find a florist that can offer various ideas and has a reliable supplier of basic and hard-to-find flowers and plants.

Photographers and Videographers

High definition photos and videos have become necessary in the wedding industry. Create a list of wedding photographers and videographers that offer different styles and packages. Each vendor must have a creative and technical expertise in the field.

Party Rental Suppliers

Party rental suppliers make the lives of wedding organizers easier as they offer several items such as decorations, linens, lighting, and audio/visual equipment. According to a company that provides table rental in Minneapolis, a good supplier should also provide ideas when brainstorming themed weddings.

Communication Consultants

Wedding organizers communicate a great amount of information to produce agendas, invitations, and souvenirs. When handling a big wedding, it is ideal to work with a communication consultant who can produce such requirements with their team of writers, designers, and printers.

Collaborating with known and trusted vendors does not only get the job done but also guarantees that everything—from the cake to the souvenir—is in perfect order.