A Beginner’s Common Nail Polish Mistakes

Nail PolishPolishing your own nails takes a lot of time and practice. Once you learn how to do it well, it is time to take things to the next level. You can start experimenting with different colours you have never used before or styles that are out of the ordinary. While you are still at the beginner level, you are prone to making a lot of mistakes. It can be costly but you'll learn along the way. Here are some things you need to avoid.

Forgetting to Apply Base Coat

It can be easy to forget especially when you are too eager to start with some colours. The base coat is not just an extra expense but it actually helps you save more on your coloured nail polish. It allows for a stronger hold so your design stays on longer. The base coat is important to smoothen out rough edges on your nails. A smoother foundation gives your nails a finer and cleaner overall look. The base coat also protects your nail from the strong pigments nail polish may have. This prevents you from having yellow nails or discoloration.


Sometimes when you feel like the colour is not as evident as it should be, you tend to apply more coating. Doing so not only wastes so much polish, it can also make it harder for them to dry. Too much coating may also leave it prone to damage while it is taking long to dry. As much as possible, three to four strokes in the application will do.

Avoiding these mistakes can save you a lot of time and money. You can buy nail polish online so you can practise often. While you are still in the process of learning, do not rush and try to get things right the first time. Keep on practising until you get the hang of it.