A Brief Classification of Equipment to Use in a Construction Site

apartment construction sitePlanning a construction project involves the identification of all the required materials. Among them is construction equipment used to reduce the time taken to complete the project. In a day, a single excavator may complete more work than a group of ten people.

Construction machinery

Tipulators and dumpers rank highest among the most important construction machinery. They play an irreplaceable role in transporting heavy loads from one point to another. Construction equipment is used during both demolition and construction activities. During demolition, a tipulator is used to carry waste materials away from the construction site. Similarly, it is used in the transportation of fine building materials such as sand and ballast.

Earthmoving machinery

This machinery may be referred to as excavation equipment. It is used in a wide range of construction operations such as demolition, digging trenches, and preparing foundations. Some earthmovers such as loaders and bulldozers may also double as material-handling machinery. Earthmovers are essential, especially when dealing with large-scale construction projects. They reduce the time required to complete various construction operations. For example, graders are used to even a surface in preparation for the installation of slabs or application of asphalt.

Material-handling machinery

Material-handling machinery is used in the loading, unloading, and transportation of building materials around a construction site. Cranes, forklifts, and conveyors are some essential material-handling equipment. For example, cranes may be used to move building materials from the ground to higher floors where construction is taking place. Similarly, conveyors are used in transporting materials from one point to another, such as from the unloading point to the designated warehouse.

There are numerous types of equipment that may be used in a construction site. All of them help to complete the work more efficiently. One must, therefore, identify the equipment they need and make necessary plans to hire them in readiness for the task ahead.