A Fancy Cut or a Unique Cut? How This Affects the Look of Your Ring

a diamond engagement ring setThe practice of giving an engagement ring to signify betrothal is fairly recent. It has, however, become as significant as any other part of the union.

A General Guide

It can be fun to walk down the road and look inside all the diamond jewellery shops down Hatton Garden. Going through everything on display and trying them on, however, can take plenty of time.

And this depends on whether or not you will be there to choose your ring. If you are, however, a great guideline would be to match the shape and style of your ring to the length and width of your finger — including your nail.

Most cuts and settings look great on long fingers. Thick bands flatter both long and slender fingers, though slender fingers look best with smaller stones. If you have short fingers, cuts that elongate the stone help make your fingers appear longer.

Emerald, oval, and marquise cut stones on narrow bands are excellent choices. Thinking of going bold? Wide fingers do best with styles that cover most of the width of the finger.

Drawing the Focus

The size and shape of your hand matter more than the size and shape of the stone if you want it to stand out. This can heavily affect the perception of how both the ring and your hand look as a whole.

By choosing cuts and settings that flatter the size and shape your hand, especially your finger, you can draw more attention to the ring turning it from just another piece of jewellery to a proud announcement of your new status.

Of course, the perfect ring should not distract from the meaning behind it. Remember that it is only one of the many symbols of your coming union. Regardless of the ring you choose or receive, it will look beautiful on your finger for the meaning it has, whether or not it is in a style that flatters your finger.