A Step-by-step Social Media Marketing Plan for Newbies

social mediaDrawing up a plan for your marketing strategies for the first time can be overwhelming. With so many available platforms and techniques, where does a newbie like you even begin?

Well, start with something small – with social media. Everyone with a phone has his or her own social media profile and belongs to one or two online social networks. A 2014 statistics shows an average American spends about 37 minutes on Facebook or Twitter each day.

An advantage of investing in social media marketing is that by reaching out to multiple users at a time, you get a lot by not doing much. The question is how do you do it effectively?

Analyze your company

Social has an ever growing influence on buying decisions, says SEOReseller. It’s a shame that most small businesses don’t do social media well. This is because most entrepreneurs who venture into this kind of marketing don’t have a good grasp of their own company’s leverage point.

Experts say before choosing your marketing platform, learn about the skills and ability of your marketing teams in building and sustaining an audience.

Moreover, consider the hours you have to put in. Knowing this helps you determine which channels to use to jumpstart your marketing strategy.

Analyze your target audience

Analyzing your brand will establish the kind of voice and message you want conveyed through your marketing channel. In doing so, you’ll also be able to draw a picture of who’ll be listening on the other end. Establishing your target audience beforehand will help you write your content with the right tone, voice and angle.

Engage your audience

Again, product analysis is crucial because it lets you establish the kind of image you want for your brand. Do you want to be formal and authoritative? Or do you want to be cool and be relatable to younger audiences? These things will put you on the same page with your audience and steadily grow your followers.

By using the analytics tool available in some social media channels, you can measure your engagement and see how far you’re along. A growth in your audience base can only mean you’re meeting your goals.

If you’ve created a well-designed marketing plan, execution shouldn’t be so hard. With nothing much to lose, social media is an easy-to-use platform every marketer should embrace.