Antiques, Books, and Art: Self-Storage Tips

 Self-Storage with Orange DoorsSelf-storage is an ideal solution for storing delicate and priceless items like antiques, books, and art. It provides a safe, convenient, and affordable temporary home for your most valuable possessions.

Whether you’ve inherited these items or have your reasons for keeping them, know that there are facilities that will keep them safe and intact for you. Here’s a guide to help you secure your treasures in a safe storage facility.


While self-storage unit should normally be secure and well-maintained and only accessible to you, taking extra precautions goes a long way. Certain things are out of your control and which the facility may not be prepared for.

Earthquakes and other natural disasters are an example. Before you bring your antiques, books or art to the facility, pack them accordingly. Add a sufficient layer of protection to fragile items, including books. Bubble wraps, crunched newspapers, or old towels are excellent padding materials. Pack your things well using the appropriate method if you want them to stay in one piece.


When deciding which facility to house your investments temporarily, you need to make sure that the unit has top-notch security systems and procedures. Do your research and keep your options open. It’s best to choose a facility that has keypad access control systems, such as the units at, to guarantee that you’re the only one who can access your unit. Antiques and collectibles can be attractive to thieves, so never compromise security over anything else.

Climate Control

Another important thing to consider when storing collectibles is climate control. This could mean different things depending on your location. In warmer, Mediterranean climates such as in California, climate control entails having sufficient ventilation and air-conditioning. Hot and dry conditions can cause wood and paper products to shrink or loose moisture or cause paint to crack.

On the other hand, cold and moist conditions will cause your framed artworks and documents to expand. Canvas artworks and wooden antiques are also susceptible to biodeterioration caused by extreme heat or cold. In both cases, a dehumidifier is essential. Thus, climate-controlled self-storage is the ideal way to keep your prized possessions in mint condition.

Antiques, books, and artworks are unique items that you can’t put a price on. You’ve probably spend your life collecting and preserving them. But when you need to relocate or find a temporary home for them, self-storage is the way to go.