Beat Your Competition with a Memorable Business Signage

The primary function of advertising is to increase the public's awareness of your company, products and services. The best way to achieve this is by creating a memorable signage, whether through screen printing from Signs n Stuff or other methods. 

The majority of business signs are flawlessly colour coordinated, aesthetically drawn, balanced and well-proportioned works of advertorial art. But keep in mind that great signs are typically the most remarkable bit of décor in a certain area. This is the reason most people notice them even if they do not really look for them.

Take the renowned HOLLYWOOD sign in Southern California as an example. The reclining white letters covering the hillside is a landmark that is famous around the globe. The truth behind this is that a real-estate developer originally established the sign to recognise his secluded suburban subdivision called ‘Hollywoodland.’  

Although not all business signs turn into acclaimed landmarks, it will still be better for your company to take note of the typical aspects that make signages stand out.

Distinguished signs are dramatic because they are either three dimensional, oddly positioned or completely oversized. All of these factors perfectly describe the Hollywood sign.

Famous signs are diverse because they are in sharp contrast to their surroundings, from the way they were installed, their colour and their context and imperfections. For instance, the snow-white colour of the letters in the Hollywood sign is prominent against the green and dark brown hillside. When it comes to the installation, each letter sits right on the ground instead of on a board or a pole.

Regarding its context, nothing else surrounding it can really take the attention away from it. Its imperfections, the uneven letters caused by the uneven terrain, just help make it more memorable.

The builder of the Hollywood sign might not have intentionally made those aspects, but they worked perfectly. Remember these when you are trying to think of a new business signage design with your team.