Bed Bugs: Why Do They Keep Coming Back to Your Home?

shadow of a bed bug on a bedWhen it comes to dealing with bed bug infestation on your own, you’ve probably tried numerous methods like washing your sheets several times, using bleach, and spraying chemicals or insecticides to treat the affected area. The problem is that despite your best efforts to stay clean, bed bugs keep coming back.

Bed Bugs and Their Resiliency

The thing with such pests is that they’re different to control. Bed bugs are resilient and can get into tiny cracks and crevices around your home. They inhabit not just the beds and sheets, as they can also be found on furniture, carpets, clothes, and toys. This is why if you’re only focused on cleaning your bed, you’re likely missing out on other bed bugs hiding in other places.

Your DIY Method Isn’t Enough

If you’ve tried to treat every possible area of infestation but still see bed bugs, it’s likely that your method or product isn’t enough to kill or get rid of them. Chemical sprays may have strong smells, but they don’t kill all the bugs and their eggs. Pest control and bed bug heat treatment experts say that they’re likely to survive this common attempt and continue to thrive in areas you’ve treated.

The Risks of DIY Attempts

One another sad part about DIY bed bug treatments is that they’re dangerous when done improperly. The most common approach is to use a chemical and apply it on bedrooms and even mattresses. When improperly applied, you or other family members can have a bad reaction to the pesticide. This makes it important to turn to professionals when choosing products or methods to eliminate bed bugs.

Many pest companies use heat treatments, as they’re effective in killing the bugs and their eggs. They are also safe for your home and health, as there are no toxic chemicals involved. The best part about heat is that they can get into every part of your home, including the box spring, carpets, and behind the baseboards. You won’t have to search for bed bugs as the heat can defeat them.