Best Kitchen Hacks for an Easier Life

Magnet and a piece of paper on a fridgeThe kitchen is one of the places in your home that gets a lot of action. It, therefore, makes sense to equip it properly for maximum efficiency whether you are cleaning, cooking, or eating in this area. Here are some life hacks that you might want to try out.

Use the Fridge as Your Own Message Board

Check out alphabet fridge magnets that are for sale and turn the fridge door into a message board for everyone in the house. You can spell out grocery items that are running out, allowing the family shopper to buy them when it becomes necessary.

If the letters are not enough, however, you can just use the magnets to hold notes in place so that everyone can see.

Use Magnets for the Kitchen Knives

Skip the knife rack and use a long strip of magnet instead for kitchen storage. This makes it incredibly easy to grab the knife plus it is wonderfully hygienic. If you are the type who has lots of knives, using magnets as a holder allows you to know instantly which knife is for cooking.

Use a Rice Cooker for Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Put some water in a rice cooker, place the eggs, and turn it on as if you were cooking rice. When the rice cooker automatically shifts from cook to keep warm, you will pleasantly find that you boiled the eggs to perfection.

You can do this when boiling large batches of eggs, or if you often get cracked eggs when boiling.

Warm Butter in Minutes with Glass

Cold butter can be a bummer during breakfast time. Fortunately, there is an easy way to warm it up. Just grab a glass and pour hot water into it. Throw out the hot water and use the upside down glass to cover the butter. This will warm it up quickly.

Of course, those are just some of the hacks you can use in the kitchen. Just use a little bit of imagination, and you will find that there are hacks that can make your cooking life easier.