Bring Italy to Your Christchurch Office with These Three Design Ideas

Offices in Christchurch Does the interiors of your Christchurch office need an upgrade? Why don’t you try something Italian? Italian interiors are elegant, classy and warm, which can help make your office space feel cosy and luxurious. Decorating with Tuscan-inspired pieces also does not take a lot of time. Just get a few ideas here:

1. Go Leather with Sofa Chairs

Italian leather is one of the best materials in the world, and although it is costly, you still get the best value since it’s durable, sophisticated and easy to maintain. To make sure your chairs only wear authentic leather, reputable furniture manufacturers in Christchurch such as Bishop Interiors suggest working with specialised pieces that offer an Italian aesthetic.

2. Add Textures to the Walls

Italy is all about food, and the food is about the trattorias. These are casual restaurants that invade the alleys and serve heaps of delicious meals. The ambience is casual, but the interiors are often rustic, since many found their homes in old buildings.

You can replicate the trattoria look and feel by adding more texture to your office walls. Make them look rustic by using rollers after a few coats of pastel shades like beige.

3. Embrace the Vintage along with the New

Pay homage to the long-standing history that spanned continents by mixing contemporary decors and furniture pieces with vintage ones. Use wooden chests as coffee tables or aged wooden frames to hang and display company photos. Spray copper or bronze on your metal decors, faucets, and doorknobs.

Visit your nearest antique shop, join art fairs or look for trinkets during weekend markets to get great discounts for your other pieces.

Make your home chic, rich and beautiful by adopting these basic Italian interior design ideas. After all, New Zealand has grown to improve its trade relations with Italy.

An office with the right furniture and interior design can cultivate the culture you desire for your company.