Can Consumers Skip the Coffee Shop Line? The Rise of Pre-order Apps

StarbucksAmerican global coffee company Starbucks has some great news for coffee lovers and the caffeine-deprived.

Making Mobile Ordering a Reality

The company recently released a statement, saying most of its branches will now allow the use of a mobile ordering feature to provide convenience and speed of service. Starbucks believes that the fastest and easiest way for consumers to order, pay, and pick up is through the company’s smartphone app.

Upon arrival, “your beverage will be sitting there,” Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills explained in a statement. “If we need to remake your beverage to make sure it’s the right temperature, we’ll gladly do it.”

Starbucks in Portland, Oregon will be the first to test the pre-order app.

The move has already been in the works at Starbucks for months, but the company wants to make sure that all complexities involved have been resolved before the rollout.

The company already allows consumers in some branches to pay for their coffee with its famous app, but pre-ordering is something Starbucks wants to focus on recently.

The Next-Generation Technology

The new app, which will eventually be launched nationwide in 2015, will allow customers to skip long lines, pay for the order while on the go, and pick up their food at a certain pickup time.

In addition, it can display recent orders to make it easier to order the same thing with just the tap of a finger. Customers need to create an account first to take advantage of the features.

As mobile payments are on the rise, Starbucks wants to test the waters and see if it can help boost the company’s profits.