Choose the Right Community to Improve your Work-Life Balance

a confident womanSingapore workers may earn one of the fattest pay checks in the Asia Pacific, but they are also under a lot of stress. A survey by showed that at least 47 per cent of those studied reported having an awful work-life balance. A work-life balance matters. It creates healthy, happy, and satisfied individuals who can be productive and efficient in their work. In the end, it benefits businesses.

How can Singaporeans achieve this goal? They work the longest hours with many complaining of being on call. Those in management positions usually do not receive overtime pay. One of the options is to live in a community, where everything is within reach. One example is Paya Lebar residences, which is situated near a shopping mall, open park areas and grade A office towers.

How to Pick the Right Community

Buying a home involves research, taking into consideration budget and location. The budget is a common stressor when considering the maximum you can afford for good options to live, work and play. While Singapore has one of the highest real estate prices, consider the overall savings from living in a community where the time spent and cost of commuting is minimal, and where many shops ensures competition keeps prices low.

Although cost is an important factor, do not lose sight of the objective to achieve a good work-life balance. When researching location, consider the provision of public amenities, transport, open spaces, entertainment and shops. It is difficult to put a financial value on improvements to your quality of life, but with all the amenities walking distance, life will be more enjoyable and interconnected. Easy access to work gives you more time for family life and to follow other pursuits, be they hobbies, other work projects or simply to unwind and relax.

As competition in the workforce warms up, and as company demands increase, achieving a work-life balance in Singapore is not easy. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not impossible.