Civil Weddings and Tips on How to Make It Memorable

It is every bride’s dream to walk down the aisle toward the man of her dreams, in her dream wedding gown surrounded by the people closest and dearest to her. However, not all couples have the opportunity or luxury of having a church wedding. This does not mean, though, that you should settle for “just a civil wedding.”

Yes, there are ways to make your civil wedding as memorable (or even more memorable) than the traditional one. Here is how to do it.

Choose the Right Wedding Celebrant

For A Timeless Love, finding a marriage celebrant in Sydney is not hard; finding the right one is. When looking for a marriage celebrant, aside from his skills and credentials (they should have licence to wed), you should also consider their working styles as well as their communication skills. Choosing someone who is easy to work with and knows how to connect with your guests is very important. The right wedding celebrant definitely plays a huge role in the success of your event.

Dress Up

Not because you won’t be walking down the church aisle does not mean you should dress less. Glam up and allow yourself to have that bridal glow. After all, this is your day.

Document It Well

Hire a photographer and a videographer who will help capture all that’s happening on that day. It would surely be fun to look back at a few years from now.

Personalise It

Steer away from tradition. Personalise your civil wedding ceremony. Having non-traditional games, or unique giveaways are some of the things you can do to personalise your wedding. Remember, you are the one getting married. It is your rules they should follow.

Invest on Your Reception

Nothing makes guests happier than leaving the venue with a full stomach and a great time. Invest in your food and make sure your guests enjoy not just the programme but their meals as well.

Who says civil weddings can’t be as fun as traditional weddings? Doing the right preparations and planning can make your special day more memorable than you initially thought.