Creating a Memorable Hotel Bathroom Experience

A functional and well-designed bathroom is one of the most important factors that can affect a hotel guest’s satisfaction. If you’re operating or managing an accommodation business, it is best to invest in comfort to provide better and positive experiences even when guests are not in their homes. This can add more value to your hotel, helping you attract customers and increase earnings.

Here are some of the bathroom essentials your business needs:

An Elegant (and Functional) Shower

This is one essential bathroom feature that almost everyone uses. While the room does not necessarily need a bathtub, it needs to have a stylish walk-in shower with a raindrop showerhead and a bench. It is also a fact that many hotel owners today are renovating their properties and installing walk-in showers without tubs. In addition, make sure that guests can reach the towel racks easily from the shower.

Stylish Mirrors

While all mirrors have the same functions, your business needs to invest on those specifically designed for hotel use. Guests use bathroom mirrors for different purposes like washing, shaving, applying make-up, and checking their outfit. For luxury hotels, a large lighted mirror is ideal. Smaller or boutique hotels can benefit from using vintage ones. It is also a good idea to experiment with unique mirror shapes.

Toiletry Supplies

Personal care items, such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, can help improve your guests’ experience. You might also want to go the extra mile by providing other items like toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, facial wash, and others. It is advisable to work with a bathroom accessory supplier that offer personal care sets with modern packaging.

Proper Lighting

The right lighting is also important in bathroom, as it is the element that accentuates decorations and furnishings in the space. You might want to upgrade light fixtures to set the right ambience. Note that while dimmed lighting is considered elegant and sexy, guests also need a well-lit area, especially when washing their face or applying makeup.

Every business owner can benefit from redesigning not only the hotel rooms, but the also the bathrooms. It is also good ideal to incorporate a touch of green in the design concept to make the bathroom more comfortable and relaxing. This may mean adding potted plants, using natural materials like stone, or choosing recycled materials.