Current Eco-Friendly Printing Options

PrintingMost people pushing towards eco-conservation are apprehensive about investing in printing. They argue that the papers used in printing, the inks and various printing techniques cause havoc to the environment. This is, however, not an authentic reflection of the reality on the ground.

The printing industry has in the past few years come up with many innovations designed for eco-friendly printing. These innovations are currently available in most companies in Australia offering printing services.

Here are some of these green printing techniques.

Offset Printing

This technique of printing utilises oil-based rather than chemical colours. Images and texts are first photo-engraved on aluminium plates then rolled over using print rollers, which then transfer the image on paper. The texts and images created in offset printing have the same durability and longevity as the ones produced using chemical colours.

Digital Printing

This system uses water-soluble, eco-friendly paints and 100% recyclable papers. In digital printing ink is evenly spread across a paper to create a distinct layer rather than being pressed onto a sheet. The resultant prints have more vibrant colours that don’t fade as quickly as the ones produced using other techniques.

Waterless Printing

This is used in place of traditional lithographic printing. It substitutes the water used for dampening in the past with mechanical processes and non-invasive chemicals to transfer printing colour to the paper. The mechanical process involves the use of a silicone rubber-coated sheet and unique temperature control process.

Printing remains an essential component of marketing, even in the digital age. With the above options, you are now confident that the production of your marketing prints will not harm the environment. These options have been proven to reduce the emission of VOCs by at least 80%.

Though a bit costly compared to conventional printing options, they are worth the eco-conservation your business will help propel.