Designing a Uniform for Your Employees

Employee Uniforms In a corporate setting, it is quite ordinary to see people working in formal business wear, such as a suit and tie, or a skirt and a blazer. These days, it’s also common to find younger employees in very casual outfits, such as jeans or even shorts and sneakers.

There is something to be said about wearing a uniform, however. For one, it instantly makes your employees recognisable even in a crowd. It’s also a step toward better security for your business.

Uniforms are great for those in the food business, manufacturing, sales, and many other industries. Whenever your employees wear their uniforms, you gain some marketing mileage out of it. In addition, many employees prefer wearing a uniform instead of having to spend money on their outfits.

To make sure your uniforms turn out the way you want them to, here are the factors you should consider.

Company branding

When you walk into a Starbucks, you instantly know who works there when you see their uniforms, complete with the apron. Even if you see someone wearing that outfit outside of Starbucks, you immediately know where they’re working. That’s the power of branding. Make the design represent your company even with just the colours, notes an expert from Signet. To make the uniform unique, include metal badges custom made for your company, and which your employees can attach to their lapel or shirt front.

Fabric colour

The fabric colour should be as neutral as possible, especially if your logo is quite colourful and you want it printed boldly on the uniform. In many instances, however, the fabric is in the dominant colour of the logo. But when you design a uniform based on your company colours, make sure the colour is not too harsh on the eyes. Subtle variants are better.

Consider also the fabric itself. Fabric that’s too cheap may not look good anymore after a few washes. Choose breathable, strong fabric with colours that do not fade for a long time.

Your employees’ suggestions

Do not discount your employees’ suggestions when it comes to their uniform. After all, it’s them who will be wearing it. You can ask them outright for suggestions or you can submit to them a few designs. They can choose from the designs and make further suggestions for improving the one they want.

A uniform is more than just giving your employees something to wear to work. It’s a representation of your company. Work with a professional to make sure you come up with fabric and design ideas that work for your company.