Doze Control: An Age by Age Manual Regarding Children’s Naps

While you were still pregnant, you probably thought that you could do a lot of little creative projects during your baby’s nap times. This includes catching up with your girl friends online, creating a DIY photo book and doing yoga. Fast forward months later, you are not only shopping for toddler cots for daycare at Play’n’Learn, but you are also thinking of ways to get your baby to sleep.

This way, you can get some sleep yourself or even take a shower. Those naps can be a valued break on your day, but it can also be annoying. This is particularly true when nap time is not happening the way that you planned.

Three to Six Months

Sometime around four months, most babies start to form a pattern of a couple of naps a day in the morning and the afternoon. They will also experience longer sleep at night, but you can disturb this if it is feeding time. Experts reveal that plenty of babies still go through irregular sleep patterns at six months, but new parents should not be worried as this common.

Six to Twelve Months

At this stage in your baby’s life, they will be able to establish a regular nap schedule. The majority of babies would transition from sleeping a couple of times a day to napping for two to three hours max. Some families teach their kids a going-to-sleep routine during the latter half of the first year. This can be swinging your baby on a rocking chair, humming a lullaby or telling a story.

Although, it would be best to start teaching your child to fall asleep without rocking or nursing. Train him or her by placing them on their bed while they are sleeping or before they are even sleepy. At this age, you would also have to provide your little one with a blanket or small stuffed toy as a comforter before going to sleep.

Each new parent has heard this advice over and over again, “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” Even though this can be difficult and you would rather prioritise other chores, allow yourself some shut eye. You, at the least, deserve it.