Drop It Like It’s Hot: Top 3 States Where Gas Prices Can Plummet Below $2

Recent reports claim that the price of gas is gradually falling, which is just in time for consumers looking for ways to reduce expenses and stretch every dollar.

The Price is Falling Off a Cliff

FuelThe declining gas prices, according to analysts, come after a growing glut of oil flooring the global marketplace. In addition, the lowest gas prices happen to fall after Thanksgiving.

“Holiday joy has come early this year,” said Lloyd Albert, a spokesman for AAA of Southern New England. “Lower prices are increasing disposable income and enabling families to carve out more money from household budgets for travel this Thanksgiving.”

Industry experts recently conducted a research about gas prices. They have discovered some states, where they predict a gallon of regular unleaded could drop below $2 for every gallon.


Missouri is currently experiencing a decline in gas prices, amounting to just $2.46. This means each consumer has the advantage of traveling out of state without facing any financial trouble.


It is among the eight states that are expecting a gas price of less than $2 per gallon. Analysts believe that it could experience the drop by the start of next year. The average prices in Oklahoma are currently at $2.48, while the most affordable gas near N MacArthur Ave is now $2.19.


As the state is directly on the Gulf of Mexico, it has the advantage of enjoying low gasoline price due to the distance from refineries to retailers. Mississippi is currently experiencing a price drop of $2.513, and will further decline in the next few months.