Ducted Air Conditioner: Does Cleaning Make Sense?

Woman checking and cleaning ACEver peeked inside your ducted air conditioner? Air ducts can accumulate dirt, just like furnaces. Regardless of how the surrounding in Sydney is, some dust will eventually settle on the surfaces of your house. Air conditioning use is one of the causes of many respiratory illnesses reported in hospitals, and doctors always advise their clients to have their air ducts cleaned.

Consider the following reasons and schedule a thorough cleanup of your system:

Asthma and Allergy Triggers

While a slight layer of dust in the ducts is normal, there are instances when the contamination was so bad you could get sick. If left dirty, the system can become a channel for allergens that trigger respiratory problems. Even if the cost of cleaning your ducted air conditioning is not included in the maintenance contract, make it a point to request for the service occasionally.

System Performance Level

Undeterred airflow is the hallmark of the most reliable ducted air conditioners. Dirt accumulation in the air duct can cause restricted airflow, which makes the system to work harder. The bitter consequence of this type of operation is premature failure.

A simple cleanup can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs. It also has the potential of reducing energy dollars by as much as 40%. Consider scheduling for inspection and maintenance of your system today to reduce the cost of ducted air conditioning in Sydney.

Cleaner Home

There are no two ways around a dirty air duct; the dust in the component will settle on furniture, floors, and walls eventually. Whatever fails to settle will recirculate and come back. Only a thorough cleanup can guarantee clean indoor air and surfaces.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other related organisations are deeply concerned about neglected ducted air conditioners. While they don’t agree about all the health benefits of cleaning, users who have contracted ducted AC cleaning companies can vouch for the importance of cleaning. Furthermore, occasional cleaning can take care of the efficiency and general cleanliness aspects.