Emotional Touch: Go Viral with Your Video Ad

Video Ads in West MidlandsSurvey says 91% of businesses will continue spending for video marketing this year. This trend will go on for years because video marketing strategies easily hook audiences, especially this generation. Short video ads bring life to your brand because of its effective storytelling tool. To go viral, you have to achieve one goal: to create an emotional connection with your audience.

So, here are effective values to include in your video ad to reach your goal.

An inspiring and moving story

Tinker Taylor, a promotional video production company, says tearjerker ads go viral online and can reach a billion views every day. Dove has been doing this strategy, and they never failed to hook anybody.

They inspire people to be confident with what they have. A moving and inspiring story means you value your target audience; you want to create an impact on their lives. For most, this kind of ad will not force them to click ‘skip’.

An entertaining ad

Have you seen the 12 most viral videos of 2015? They all have one thing in common: they put a smile on viewers’ faces. When it comes to increasing the number of viewers, this kind of promotional video works better than ads with lots of texts and crowded messages. Many people have a short attention span and are too busy to watch a one-minute ad. But a funny ad can get them to pause for a while and have a good laugh. Combine it with background music that excites and lifts mood for a more striking ad.

A surprising or intriguing ad

The most effective advertising has unique and creative content. It should build curiosity. Add surprising stories or surveys in your advertisement so it becomes another learning tool for viewers. Many ads for beauty products intrigue and sometimes scare people. Experts say adding a touch of fear can make an ad effective.

There are more secrets of successful video marketing, but creating an emotional connection with your audience is the best tool because of the values instilled in your viewers’ mind. For your video to go viral, make your audience feel important and valued.