Enhancing Your Marketing Visuals: Design Elements You Should Never Forget

Enhancing Your Marketing VisualsHow you present your brand defines the line to your business success. In a trade show, you can’t just put up a hastily designed pop-up display. Apart from ruining the image, customers are less likely to notice your business in the crowd. 

In marketing, you have to adhere to the rule of threes: the best time you can capture the attention of customers is within 3 seconds, 30 seconds, or 3 minutes.

Before you decide to print those pop-up displays and banners, here are design elements you should never forget:

1. Color

When it comes to colors, the best choices are those that you use on your company logo. The colors in your pop-up display booth can be as iconic as your business name—think of how Coca-Cola uses red for its promotional materials. Be consistent with your color palette. This makes it easier for customers to associate your business with those colors. 

2. Images

Combined with the right color palette, imagery can be an effective element to gain the attention of your target market. Think of how movie posters have images; one image can tell everything a story without too many details. Choose an image that customers can easily associate with your brand, do a bit of editing, and you’re all set.

3. Font

Words can be as powerful as images, and this can reflect on how you write them. Set a font that you can relate to your business. Don’t go overboard with the fonts; stick to one to two fonts that you can cascade to your marketing materials. This will make your pop-up displays look professional and organized.

4. Layout

How you put all the details together is the secret to a successful pop-up display or banner. The image, text, and color should complement each other unless you want your promotional materials to look cluttered.

The most important thing to remember is determining what you want your customers to see. This will give you visual hierarchy, which, in turn, can produce great designs for your displays and banners.