Essential Equipment in Starting a Screen Printing Business

When you’re looking to start a screen printing business, you will need more than just capital, training, and support. One of the things you will also need is screen printing equipment. When it comes to the type of equipment you should have on your production floor, buy things that fall in one of these three categories: Pre-Press Equipment, Screen Printing Equipment, and Post-Press Equipment.

Pre-Press Equipment

There’s a lot you should accomplish before your products can even get to the press. The pre-press production process involves various procedures, such as preparing the artwork as well as the screens you will use to set down your prints. Some of the important components to have are:

  • Design Software – If you’re designing print items for clients, you will need a reliable software that can create the graphics your customers want.
  • Screens – Stock a small supply of the most frequently used screens.
  • Drying Racks – Whether you build your own racks or purchase one from a store, you’ll need a place to lay your screens while the emulsion dries.

Screen Printing Equipment

Once you are done with the prep, the next step is to proceed with the actual printing. A few of the equipment you’ll need are:

  • A Press – This machine is the heart of every print shop. When choosing a press, it’s best to go with a six-color press so you can print almost any job.
  • Ink – If you’re just starting, consider purchasing a standard ink mixing pack as well as a few regular colors that you will use frequently.
  • Squeegees – You use this product to lay down the print and pull ink across the screen.

Post-Press Equipment

There’s just one machine you should buy: a conveyor dryer. This piece of equipment heats the ink to the right curing temperature. It also ensures that the prints will stick to the product. Apart from the drier, make sure to stock up on boxes and bags to package your finished garments.

So, when shopping for screen printing equipment, see if the product you find on the shelf falls under any of these three categories. Once you have all your basic equipment ready and have the necessary training, knowledge, and guidance to run your business, you’ll be producing screen printed apparel in no time.