Eye-Catching Café Signs That are Sure to Be Noticed by Passersby

Cafe in AucklandIf you’re an owner of a café, you must surely know the importance of traditional static signage to your business. Creative signs can heighten the interest of passersby and potentially turn them into your customers.

There’s nothing more desirable than having signs that easily catch the eyes of your potential customers. They’re the frontline marketers of your business and can definitely drive up your sales. However, you need to set your signs apart from others in order to stand out and beckon to the crowd. Here are some of the uniquely creative ideas that you’d definitely love.

Beckon and Entice

What can be more tempting than a delicious cup of coffee on a misty morning? Have a faded photo of a misty morning in Auckland with an attractive coffee mug filled with steaming, creamy coffee as foreground screen-printed on a huge PVC sheet. Ensure that the coffee mug, complete with soft steam slowly billowing from its contents, stands-out from its background. Place a croissant beside it and complete the picture with your business name or slogan. Hang this outside your coffee shop and it’s sure to attract attention of passersby.


According to marketingmag.ca, people now control the manner they engage with your brand. Most of them love to imagine themselves trying out your stuff, which is why you should capitalize on this and include this on your signs to engage them. Look for an Auckland screen printing company that could incorporate slogans like “You’ll be jolly after having coffee,” “Our Café will brighten any day!” or something along those lines.

Make Them Think

Put something in your sign that seemingly has nothing to do with the entire picture, but will make sense after some great deal of thought. Perhaps a small owl can somehow make people think they need coffee because they’re up all night?

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Adding more frills and stuff will only confuse passersby who see your sign. Ensure that you deliver one single message, and that is, they will really love your café.

While digital signs have been sprouting everywhere, a beautiful screen-printed sign on a PVC or vinyl sheet is still an ad to reckon with. In fact, AdWeek magazine goes on to say that they can make your brand instantly relevant. Best of all, you need not turn it on and off. It’s always there for everyone to see!