First Impressions Last, but Your Final Statement is Forever

Funeral Home PlanThere is more significance to headstones than most may think. Considering these are what mark your final resting place, you may want to consider the story it will tell future generations in your family.

Memorializing the Dead

In the past, a simple cross was the only thing that marked most graves and only the rich could afford sculpted tombstones, even mausoleums for a single occupant or the entire clan. McDougal Funeral Home and other industry experts explain that headstones can tell stories about the person, the family, and even the town they’re in. Headstones in Taylorsville, Utah (for example) can give a visual history of the area. If you look close enough, that is.

More Than Just a Name

Aside from the name, the date of birth and death, and the dedications or lines from a verse, song, or poem, headstones can contain symbols that give a clue to who the person was in life.

Angels are a common feature, either engraved on the headstone or as an extension of the headstone itself. This is likely because they’re commonly regarded as messengers and guardians and, therefore, are chosen to watch over the person buried beneath the marker.

The American flag is usually found on the headstones of veterans, showing that they had served the country at one point, regardless of whether they died in action or not. The same may be true for those who served at sea, though the anchor can also represent steadfastness in Christian belief.

Cemetery Rules

You are free to make your or your loved one’s headstone as simple or as creative as you’d like. Of course, there may be limits imposed by the cemetery or memorial park you purchase a plot from. Limits may be imposed for the sake of uniformity, making the tombs easier to maintain.

Fancier headstones will, naturally, cost more. However, if your goal is to allow those viewing your headstone a glimpse of who you were in life, try giving your headstone some more thought. You may be surprised by the stories these markers can tell.