Four Tips to Improve Road Safety for Cars

Even in the safest roads, there is still a risk for cars and pedestrians to meet accidents. There should still be an effort made to make these roads as secure and safe as possible. The following are effective and proven tips to do this.

Use Traffic Safety Equipment

This is probably a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often those living in state and city governments forget how an effective traffic safety equipment can affect the quality of life. Usually, they only view these things in the context of road constructions and repairs. What they do not realise is that they were made with safety in mind.

Do “Road Diets”

This “road diet” approach is a recent trend that started in Edgewater Boulevard in Orlando. This involves lessening the four lanes into two lanes, with a middle lane being used as an alternating turn lane. It has been so effective that even the Federal Highway Administration (FWWA) has assigned it as a “proven safety countermeasure.”

Make Crosswalks Visible

Pedestrian lanes are an important feature of any road network. To ensure the safety of the people moving across, just painting it white may no longer be enough. It may be useful to use other bright, eye-catching colours for this very purpose. Even better is to make them reflective for night drivers who may have trouble seeing in the dark.

Lower Speed Limits

Speed limits are there to soften the impact should there be any collision. In areas with critical history, it may be best to assign a lower speed limit to lessen any possibility of fatalities in accidents.

Road safety equipment can only do so much. The overall culture should point to individual responsibility in driving and maintaining their cars for optimal performance.