Get to Know Google Analytics Better and How It Helps SEO Results

SEOFor the most of us, Google Analytics content reports are difficult to make sense of. But if your job is remotely related to SEO, whether you’re a content writer or a business owner, it helps to have a basic understanding of these reports.

To understand Google Analytics, you don’t have to be an SEO expert, says. Here’s a little overview of what this tool is about.

What is Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics service says a lot about where you can improve website traffic. This tool enables you to track the number of website visitors, their location and even how much time they spend on each page of your site. With these data, website owners can make more informed, confident decisions.

For instance, the data shown by these reports will point you towards the right direction: whether to spend more time on Facebook or make some changes on your Twitter campaigns to increase results.

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for tracking the current results of your SEO efforts.

Determining Traffic with Pages Report

The Pages Report contains information on which web pages have had visitors during a specific time period. You can identify the most frequently visited and popular web pages, and the amount of time visitors spend on them. You will also find out which ones have high bounce rate.

Checking Page Performance with the Content Drilldown Report

Like the Pages Report, the Content Drilldown Report also lists all of your webpages. The only difference is that this displays them in sub-categories, including products, services and themes. You can review each page to figure out the best from the poor performers.

Improving Site with Exit Pages Report

Regularly tracking the Exit Pages Report will make you privy to the pages considered as the “exit point” of your visitors. You can enforce necessary changes and remove any content that may be leading visitors out of your website.

Working with SEO experts will help business owners better understand the data from these reports, as well as come up with prompt and ideal solutions to common problem areas.