Go Big for Advertising: Pointers for an Effective Billboard Layout

BillboardOutdoor advertising is the typical go-to for start-ups, other the typical internet advertising. After all, this kind of visual advertising makes it easier to target local customers.

If you are planning to use outdoor ads as one of your main promotional methods, consider the following when creating the layout for your first billboard:

Keep It Simple

First – timers tend to go overboard on their layout skills. It’s a normal reaction. For the sake of your company, contain your creativity at reasonable levels. No matter how much you know about graphic design and editing, you need to make the design simple and easy on the eyes.

Piling everything on one canvas will look more like a disaster than an effective billboard. As the team of SciTech Outdoor Advertising, Inc. suggests, simple complementing or contrasting colors can be a good start. Use simple, readable fonts and keep phrases short. Take the best element of your company and use that as the main focal point.

Keep It Interesting

Creativity has ways of making a billboard add simple yet enticing to the target audience. For instance, you simple fonts in big sizes can be eye – catching enough. A story integrated into the picture instead of models just posing for the camera can also be a creative way to advertise your brand.

Digital designs are better with a colored background. Check out different design effects that you can use as your main focal point. There are many ways to make your billboard stand out, and none of them needs to sacrifice your layout’s simplicity.

Keep It Big

The rest of the elements on your billboard should stay large and legible enough to become noticeable. If you want to use models, have them exaggerate their facial expressions and use big movements during the photo shoot. Highlight your taglines and branding elements.

If you choose to infuse a story into your ad, use emotions as one of your elements. Remember that sympathetic elements on visual advertising can create better connection with customers.

As a start-up owner, you should maximize every available opportunity there is to advertise, and billboards will provide you with just that.