Google AdWords Says Goodbye to Exact Match: How Businesses Should Deal with the Loss

more sales lossEarlier this year, search engine giant Google has announced its plans to kill off both the Exact and Phrase keyword match. This means AdWords advertisers will no longer enjoy the feature to de-select close variants. The tech giant aims to redefine the definition of how keywords, which are set to PMAT and EMAT, will trigger search ads.

In today’s Pay-Per-Click world, your specified keywords will now trigger misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, and even abbreviations. Close keyword variations, says industry expert C1 Partners, can maximize a company’s potential to show ads on relevant searchers. For instance, “tile floor” may show up for tile flooring, tile floring, tile floors, and tile fl ooring.

Google updated its search parameters last September, but not all people understood the changes. Like many business owners, you probably have many questions and concerns. Let this article enlighten you and help you deal with the updates.

Focus on Optimizing Your Landing Page

With close variant keyword matching, consumers can find the business they are searching for through all exact and phrase match keywords. Though it will be more challenging to point your target market to your site, that does not mean you should forget the importance of your landing page. Keep in mind that it can help with retention and conversion, so you need to continue optimizing your website. Provide a catchy headline, use quality photos, and make sure the content is helpful.

Have an Extensive Negative Keyword List

With the death of exact match, focusing on negative keyword expansion can help you yield more exact search results. Negative keywords will prevent your ad from showing to users looking for certain terms. If someone searches a term that contains the keyword you define with a minus sign (-), your ad will not show. This will prevent unnecessary expenses and budget leakage. To improve your PPC efforts, it’s best to seek the services of professionals to help you prepare with the impact.

Removing the ability of strict targeting is no doubt a big change in the digital world. As a business owner, the best thing you could do is go with the flow.