Handling Hazardous Materials in the Workplace

People who handle chemicals are no strangers to the potential risks that their job exposes them. Hazardous substances can adversely affect the health of your employees. You need to prioritise safety measures in your laboratory or workplace. Here are four rules your workers need to observe to stay safe while at work.

Wear the proper attire

Handling chemicals require that you use the proper protective apparel so that you won’t be directly exposed to chemicals. All the items you need to wear are available in leading Australian safety supplies outlets. The experts at Maxisafe explain that these include safety gloves, eye protectors, and site safety protectors among others.

Clean up your laboratory

A disorganised and unclean working space can be a safety hazard to workers. Spills on the floor can lead to slips that may cause serious injuries and damages. This could cost you a lot in wasted time and money. Implement a regular cleaning routine for your laboratory. Stock wipers and absorbents so chemical handlers can promptly deal with spills.

Understand emergency procedures

You and your employees should know the general emergency measures to take in case something goes wrong. Everyone should be aware of evacuation plans and set procedures for reporting fires and spills. Any workplace should have a training schedule on how to respond in case of a medical emergency.

Store chemicals in properly labeled containers

All substances should be in properly labelled containers or stored in containers. Labels help employees and handlers to know the materials they are handling and observe the necessary safety precautions when it comes to chemicals.

Safety in the laboratory is of immense importance especially when it comes to handling chemicals. By following safety regulations and standards, you can minimise the chances of a mishap.