Healthcare Outlook 2018: Opportunities and Threats

Physicians talking to each otherOne of the most controversial fields in the United States – and the world – today is healthcare. While it opens many doors of opportunities, it also presents both classic and existing issues.

The year 2018 will not be any different for the industry. Perhaps, though, there may be a few significant changes as far as opportunities and threats are concerned.

Going Tech

In the recent conference by the Healthcare Executive Group, an organization composed of thought leaders and industry executives, technology became one of the main topics. Will it be a boon or bane? These technological trends include big data.

As early as 2015, this concept was already changing healthcare in a variety of ways. A good example is the partnership between wearable fitness devices such as Fitbit and insurance providers. These nifty tools allow you to not only upload your health information but also share it with the rest of the huge network.

In turn, companies can have a clear idea of the general health of a particular population or demographic. However, along with its rising popularity is the threat of cybersecurity. An analysis of more than 30 articles related to the topic revealed the vulnerability could be due to being behind in IT security.

Cost of Healthcare

The cost of healthcare will continue to be a conundrum. The Health Research Institute (HRI) of PricewaterhouseCoopers already predicted costs next year would increase at a slightly faster rate than in 2017 at 6.5 percent.

Price of services, including medications and insurance, will be the driving force behind the increase. To tackle this, HRI suggests the efficient use of available resources. Indeed, the challenges next year are a combination of new and old.

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The coming year is fast approaching. Now is a good time to make sure you are ready for what could be ahead.