Home Maintenance: What DIY Electrical Repairs Can I Do at Home?

Electrician Builder EngineerPerforming DIY electrical work in your house could put some extra money in your pocket. But while the law enables homeowners to do specific electrical work, they must do so in accordance with the law because DIY electrical work could be against the law and unsafe if done performed improperly. Unsafe electrical work could result in accidents, such as electric shocks and home fires, or worse, fatalities.

DIY Electrical Work Homeowners Can Do

According to The Electricity Regulations 1997 Regulation 47, homeowners could perform the following electrical work in their homes:

  • Replacing switches – lamp holders, ceiling roses, socket outlets, water heater switches, elements and thermostats.
  • Replacing fuse cartridges and fuse wires. Keep in mind that you must utilize the proper rating when working with fuse wires and that you should never try fit a bigger fuse wire, warns a licenced residential electrician in Wellington.
  • Repairing light fittings.
  • Reconnecting and disconnecting appliances that are wired permanently.
  • Replacing, repairing, or moving flexible cords attached to permanently attached ceiling roses or outlets.
  • Modifying, extending, or installing cables, with the exception of main cables originating from your street to your home’s switchboard.
  • Moving lighting outlets, sockets, and switches, but only if these are wired with durable plastic covered cables.
  • Repairing appliances, provided that you or a relative owns the appliance and only you or your relative uses it.


In the event that you’re not 100% sure you’re doing the right thing or if you performed a DIY electrical repair that went wrong, contact a licenced electrician as soon as possible to get your work checked out and correct your DIY work if needed. If you perform a DIY electrical repair that’s unsafe, you could severely injure or put at risk not only yourself but your family as well.

You could likewise be prosecuted and penalized if you fail to adhere to electricity laws. Put simply, do not, under any circumstances attempt to do DIY electrical work in your home if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skill-set.