House and Land Packages: Why Invest in One?

Home For SaleBuying a new home can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. By now, you have encountered many possible options and might be torn between purchasing a new house and land package, or a pre-owned one. One might have an impression that opting for a new build will be more expensive than the latter.

However, more and more homebuyers, new and veteran, alike, are eyeing house and land packages at Geelong, Vic for their affordable prices and attractive amenities.

Here’s why you should invest in house and land packages:

More affordable

Not because it’s new, doesn’t mean it will cost more. In fact, house and land packages are more affordable than pre-owned homes, especially if you purchase it early enough. Homeowners also save a lot on stamp duty because one is required to pay for the land value, due to the fact that the home is yet to be built. Buying an established house would mean you have to pay for the stamp duty of both the house and land value.

Freedom to choose

Another good reason homeowners opt for house and land packages is that they can choose which block to live in. They also get to customise their homes to their liking. This gives new homeowners more flexibility to choose.

It’s brand new

Brand new is always better than used ones. Plus, it does not cost as much, when it comes to real estate properties. Another perk of going for new ones is you would need less to zero maintenance, at least, for a good number of years. Low maintenance means fewer expenses.

Easier to find tenants

If you wish to invest in property, you can easily attract tenants with a brand new home than an old one. Old ones tend to come with several structural issues, like mould problems or outdated fittings.

There are a number of myths surrounding the purchase of house and land packages. But, an educated analysis can help you understand why more and more homeowners opt to invest in them. Maybe, it’s time you should too.