How Cardboard Displays Reel in Your Customers

Christmas Cardboard DisplaysWhen you go to a shopping centre, you are bound to notice at least one striking attraction amongst the variety of shop displays. A store’s logo can capture your attention and give you a good impression of what a store sells. The colours and signs inside a store try to grab your interest and prompt you to look at a product closer.

Once inside the store, product advertising and information is often prominently placed on a cardboard display. Corrugated cardboard displays such as the ones made by are designed to present your product in a positive and eye-catching way.

Why Use a Cardboard Display?

Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials available for displays and packaging. It is lightweight, cheap to make, easy to stick together or attach to other surfaces using tape or other adhesives. In addition, the demand for cardboard means that a wide range of types, sizes, colours and cardboard items are available on the market. Cardboard can be cut or shaped into any form and be used for shelving to display products. The surface of cardboard is excellent for printed material and designs – ideal for labelling and short statements to highlight a products price or best features. Additionally, a call to action in the form of a ‘buy now!’ message cries out for attention.

Attracting Customers Using Cardboard Displays

A cardboard display has several advantages over other display materials that entice a consumer to purchase a product. With the variety of cardboard displays available, you can target your customer throughout the shop or conference hall, and be able to adapt each one to the space available. Small cardboard displays may be placed on top of a counter next to the cashier and large free-standing displays near the entrance of the store. Entice potential customers to buy from your store: use cardboard displays to promote your products.