How Social Media Helps Your Business

Social Media in AustraliaMost businesses nowadays go online to market their brands, and for good reason. Establishing an online presence is a more effective and affordable marketing strategy compared to flyers and billboards. Online ads also improves their chances of gathering customers for their products or services.

Unfortunately, not all online platforms guarantee potential customers, much less sales. So if you’re promoting your brand, choose the right online channels that will drive more returns. Using social media is one way to meet your business needs.

Social Media Marketing notes that Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are great ways to connect with your customers by promoting your products, services, events, sales or offers. Here are areas where you can post pictures, reviews and other information for less or no cost at all. Social media also provides interaction, which means you’ll have more chances of convincing your target market to buy your business’s offerings.

A study on Australian online users further suggests the impacts of social media marketing to businesses and online users.

Increasing Social Media Users

The Digital Down Under Report revealed Australians are spending most of their time online, with most of those moments spent on social media. Around 13 million Australians spend over 18 hours a day online. About one in five minutes or 3.6 hours a day is due to social media.

Facebook and Twitter stand out as the most frequently visited social networking sites. Around 1,100,000 or 4.8% of the Australian population visit Twitter while 9,800,000 or 42% of the population visit Facebook each month. This means using these social networking sites give you access to a huge number of online users.

What’s causing it?

The motivations of frequent online users is another reason to use social media for marketing your business. Researchers note that people visit Facebook and Twitter to know more about politics, or brands quickly. Social media help consumers make informed decisions when buying products or services.

Meanwhile, most journalists use Twitter to deliver the latest news and ads as well as receive feedback. They get more readers and ROI as a result.

Social media are a good way to increase your business’s visibility without spending much. With more social media users searching for information online, you just might get customers and sales more than you expect.