Independent Parenting from a Wheelchair

Disabled person independently moving a wheelchairThe desire to become a parent is universal, and even for those who have physical limitations, parenting is a passion. 18% of Australia’s children are living with parents who have disabilities, while those with limited mobility live with the help of mobility gadgets such as lifting hoists for the elderly, explains Active Mobility Systems.

Equal access to education, public venues, jobs and independent living have brought about the growing phenomenon of parenthood for people with physical disabilities. Many are raising kids from a wheelchair or with the aid of other assistive devices and can be surprisingly simple.

Must-Haves for Parents with Disabilities

These equipment and tools make life easier. Parenting can be hard, and chasing after children requires extra help for parents with disabilities.

Wheelchair Accessible Power-Cot

Wheelchair access height cots are a must for those who use wheelchairs. The mattress can be raised by using a foot pedal or remote control, and the cot bars can be lowered completely. This allows a parent to safely take their child in and out of the cot while in a seated position.

Electric Wheelchair and Hands-Free Baby Sling

An electric power wheelchair will take all the hard work out of getting out and about, especially when the person has their hands full. Other items that can be used with an electric wheelchair include the baby sling – for baby ‘wearing’ that requires no wrapping, and there are hands-free baby slings too.

Tummy Tub

The tummy tub and stand is a baby bathtub are the perfect height for a wheelchair user. The tub also holds the baby in an upright foetal position and is safer than a traditional baby bath.

Swivel Car Seats

Swivel car seats turn 360 degrees so that parents can turn the car seat towards them, making it easier to lift their child in and out of the car.

Independent Living Advice

Independent living centres can advise on mobility aids and equipment that can assist disabled people and parents to live full lives and care for themselves and their children independently. Make sure to contact them to find the best equipment for anyone with a disability.