Inflatable Bounce House Rentals for Your Party

Inflatables Party RentalsBounce castles and houses create excitement in any event that involves both kids and adults. They appeal to all ages – from adolescents to young adults and even infants who want to have fun.

If you’re holding an event soon and want to include inflatables in your party setup, purchasing is not the answer. Consider inflatable bounce house rentals for your functions. Companies, such as Buzz City Bounce LLC, carry a variety of inflatable bounce houses that are wide enough for your function. Your party guests will get hours of fun.

Bounce castles are available in many types. Select the one that matches your party theme as well as the age group of your guests.

Safari Bounce House

This bounce house is suitable for toddlers between 12 and 36 months, who are extremely curious. It includes a slide, a short ladder, tunnels, mushrooms, and tall trees through which kids can play and maneuver around. The extra features in this bounce house help keep the toddlers engaged for long before they get tired of it.

Obstacle Course Bounce

It comes with extra fun obstacles that providers usually incorporate in the central bounce area. The obstacles enable older kids to crawl under tunnels, maneuver around the pins, have fun on the slide, and climb walls, on top of bouncing. This bounce house is suitable not only for kids but also for adults, and can be used in an adult party.

Bungee Run Bounce

This category is suitable for adults or older kids who love engaging in fun and competitive games. With this bounce house, you can have two competitors racing while others pull them back using a stretching rope. These games are not only fun but also a good form of exercise for both children and adults.

When renting an inflatable house, consider a few things. These include the age of the children attending, the event size, available space, weather, event/party theme, and desired extra features. Renting allows you to maximize the benefits of all these bounce houses without having to buy all.