Logistics Planning: Get Ready for the Peak Months

It may seem like both offline and online stores are in demand the entire year. The truth is they are also highly seasonal. Although they earn revenues every month, some periods give them the biggest profits. In fact, these earnings are so high they can already compensate for the lean months.

It, therefore, explains why many stores still thrive. Peak months are always the best time to do business as long as you prepare for them. Otherwise, they can spell the end of your enterprise with a nightmarish logistic planning that fails to deliver and only irritates your customers.

But how do you plan?

Know the best months

Peak months can differ according to the items you are selling. If you are a wedding supplies store, your best periods will be from June to October. In general, the peak season is usually from October to December.

Around this time, you have Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals. For those who also have an online shop, customers do wait for Cyber Monday rush. Then there will be a full month of holiday shopping.

Identify the best-sellers

If it is the holidays, the biggest sellers will be electronics, toys, apparel, and makeup. Many factors affect the demand. One, people buy electronics because, by this time, they are available for sale. Further, they have extra cash to splurge. Christmas, on the other hand, is always a child’s day, so toys are popular.

Plan your deliveries

Most of all, plan your deliveries and distribution channels very well. Hire some people! Post CDL truck driving gigs and jobs, and the agency will help choose the best drivers for you. 

Fill your inventory

Do not wait until the last minute to fill your inventory. Also, do not be afraid if you seem to have more. If you are following a lead management strategy, you can avoid it. Else, you can always sell the items later for a break even or small profit.

Well, that is it. Make sure you follow these suggestions. The most important thing is you can take advantage of the people’s shopping sprees when they do engage in them.