Lower Mortgage Payments in Four Clever Ways

Mortgage Loan in MelbourneOwning a home can be a rewarding experience by itself. However, when you cannot purchase your house outright, you will need to have it mortgaged. Paying the monthly mortgage can be quite cumbersome especially if you cannot seem to get your finances on track.

Here is how you can reduce your monthly mortgage payments so that you can have your dream home in as little hassle as possible.


Refinancing your home mortgage is the easiest and most common way to ease the burden of paying monthly amortizations. This means that depending on market conditions primarily the interest rates, you can actually benefit more if you are going to have your home mortgage refinanced. If you are currently on a 15-year term, refinancing it to a 30-year term will significantly lower the interest rates. You will also have the added benefit of saving extra for those emergencies that call for a ready flow of cash.

Get Rid of the PMI, If You Can

If you made a down payment for Melbourne real estate for sale which is less than the required rate of 20 percent, chances are you are also paying your private mortgage insurance on top of the regular mortgage. Try to repay as much of the mortgage to gain at least 20 percent of your equity on the property. Then ask your lender about how you can drop your PMI altogether.

Modify Your Payments

If you made good on a certain project or even closed a significant deal, use the extra money to make an additional mortgage payment with each year. This can significantly reduce your total balance as well as give you enough savings from not paying the interest for each month on the principal throughout the remainder of the mortgage term. You can also make twice-monthly payments leading to full 26 half payments equivalent to 13 months. The one month advanced payment can be placed towards the principal of your loan.

Recast Your Mortgage

If you have been religiously modifying your payments either on a biweekly or annual basis, you can significantly lower the overall principal. This can be sufficient basis for you to ask from your lender if you can reset your mortgage. This resets both your principal and the corresponding interest rates to give you additional savings through lower monthly amortizations.

There are other ways to make your monthly mortgage payments a little bearable. However, it is always best to be upfront with your lender. He may know a thing or two to help you with your problems.