New Ways to Job Hunt in the Digital Age

Based on the newest report regarding job trends conducted by Glassdoor, there are nearly 6 million available jobs at the moment. Unemployed individuals can assist their job search by registering with a recruitment agency in Ipswich. A&S Recruitment explains what you need to know and how to help you secure that position.

Expect to Take Evaluations

Based on the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, 13 percent of employers use personality evaluations. Around 2.5 million individuals take the Meyer-Briggs evaluations every year, and 89 out of the Fortune 100 companies use it. The managing director of CEB Talent Assessment for the U.K. and Ireland, Nick Shaw, explained the design of the behavioural and cognitive tests. He says that these were made to search for the right person that has the right skills to fit a company.

Shaw adds that this can also benefit the candidate for they would not want to end up in a career that they would eventually hate.

 Expect to Depend More on Social Media

79 percent of people now use social media when searching for a job. This number increased substantially to about 86 per cent for the younger generation; those who are in the first ten years of their professions.

You may think that LinkedIn is the most obvious option here, but you need to do more than nurture your first-degree connections. Figures from the site convey that weak connections are also crucial. They clarified that second or third-degree connections would likely refer jobs. The findings are also similar when it came to Facebook users.

As mentioned above, the process of finding employment has evolved. Ensure that you are up-to-date with the new methods in the digital age.