Nifty Tricks for Social Media Success

social media planning in Brisbane
Social media is a powerful tool that enables you to reach a wider audience and may even increase your profits if used correctly. It is difficult to succeed in this platform that is why you need to know the right strategies to implement.

Stay You

One effective social media strategy for your Brisbane marketing is to be you, the name of the game is authenticity. It is tempting to automate responses on your accounts, but staying human and being who you are can do a great deal. In an age of digitisation and automation a human touch goes a long way. To humanise your marketing plan, use a narrative to add emotion into your approach. Stories are memorable to whoever reads them these add a different dimension to your brand.

A persona also adds a human face to an otherwise faceless product or service. It makes your brand authentic and relatable; personas allow you to connect with your audience. They have their own personality, dreams, history and others that your targeted market can relate to.

Befriend and Follow

To “friend” is now a verb that many experts use to mean adding someone on their network, regardless of the social media platform. When you follow someone on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other networks, it broadens your reach and enables you to get better suppliers and others that may help your business. They may not accept your request immediately, but they may keep you on their radar or you may keep them in yours for future reference or when a need arises.

Run the Numbers

Any marketing plan will need solid data to back up claims and project the future result of campaigns. The numbers allow you to determine the best course of action when you implement your social media advertising plans.

These are some of the things you need to know when leveraging social media and using it as a platform to market your products or services.