NSW Constructions Firms Pay The Highest Workers’ Compensation

construction worker got injuredHow much did construction firms spend on workers’ compensation claims in 2016-2017? If your company operates in New South Wales, it’s likely that you paid more than $212 million.

Eye injuries at the workplace are among the common causes of worker claims. Male employees between 25 and 44 years old are the most at risk, so make sure that they use protective eyewear at all times.

Injury Claims

Work-related eye injuries can stem from many factors. It could be an unsafe environment due to poor ventilation, aside from not wearing the right gear on-site. In the state’s construction industry, injured workers in the previous year took 45 days off on average. This meant lost time and business productivity, which many employers overlook when determining the true cost of injuries.

Chemical burns are also a serious threat to eye safety. An environment with a high level of alkaline, which usually involves a pH level of more than 10, pose the biggest risk. Acidic substances with a pH level below 4 are also unsafe. Routine inspections of job sites will then be necessary if your employees routinely use industrial cleaning products or work in a laboratory.

Other industries

Construction firms in New South Wales may have the biggest compensation amount for injuries, but workers in the health and community services filed the most number of claims. There were 10,400 claims in the industry that cost more than $144 million.

Claims in the manufacturing sector also comprised 10,300 with more than $145 million of overall compensation. Tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers had the lowest number of claims at 200, which cost more than $2 million.


The cost of buying new safety equipment will be a worthwhile investment if you wish to avoid costly compensation claims. Not only that, you prevent your employees from taking time off due to injuries.